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What Are Great Promotional Merchandise Ideas?
By Gad subone
Published on March 18th, 2014
For those who are blessed with the knowledge of knowing promotional merchandise, they know that it’s crucial for building a brand or name in the market.

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For those who are blessed with the knowledge of knowing promotional merchandise, they know that it’s crucial for building a brand or name in the market. This strategy offers solutions for companies with very minimal cost, you’d love to learn that promotional items are sustainable and are even used by several persons say months or even years! This is how powerful promotional items and merchandise are. Now the only problem is looking for great promotional merchandise ideas!

For you to be able to answer that, you may want to know why promotional merchandise is effective. This will help you understand how to find the best suppliers as well as give you an idea how to create great merchandise ideas yourself! Ironic but true!

Promotional Products are useful

No matter what it is, promotional items always need to be at some degree useful. Yes accessories may be lame ideas, but hey if people use it then why not right? The point of the matter is that your customer is able to use these items. And the more time they use it, then the better!

They are sustained

What’s the use of using promotional items when they are easily broken or if they don’t last? When considering promotional items, you’d have to focus on sustainability of the item. Great ways to do this is to focus on items that are hard to break or destroy.

They are affordable

Of course, it should be cheaper so that you can buy more items for an affordable price. This way you will have better deals and even get more money out of the venture.

They should be unique

For some they consider this a curse, but others think of it as a challenge. Well, the point here is that you should have unique items. It may not be unique items per se, but it should have full customization so that it seems to be a personalized product.

Now that you understand about how these products work, here are some of the best examples that you can follow.

Great promotional merchandise ideas

USB Sticks

USB sticks though small, could bring miracles to your marketing scheme. They are very effective as a promotional items and everyone use them. More to that, they could be really cheap despite that it fall under the technology bracket.


Everyone uses bags. Using bags as promotional item is a smart choice. Depending on the design, you promote your logo to everyone who sees the bag. Bags are very affordable and you may just need a good print service providers such as Save on Promotions.

Water Bottle

Another crucial items that your consumers may use, is water bottle. Make it a bit interesting for them by customizing the shape, having good design, and having a great quality. People would love to carry your water bottle containers or jug, and they won’t even notice you’re marketing. This promotes a perfect opportunity for you!

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